A USC student gets into trouble with the law . Presenting "Trojan in Trouble": a skit by Vidushak for the annual AIS Diwali show on November 11, 2012 in Bovard auditorium, University of Southern California.

Diwali Show 2011: Ek Trojan ki Maut

A USC alumnus gets caught in the intricacies of the afterlife. Presenting "Ek Trojan Ki Maut": a skit by Vidushak for the annual AIS Diwali show on November 5, 2011 in Bovard auditorium, University of Southern California.

Diwali Show 2010: The Great Trojan Dream

Vidushaks go retro to trace back the origins of the most popular USC icon. Presenting, The Great Trojan Dream: A skit performed by Vidushak for AIS Diwali show, 2010 at University of Southern California.

Diwali Show 2010

Every year, hundreds of us come to USC and become an integral part of it. And when we leave, we take back memories, lots and lots of memories. The next skit follows two USC alumni who meet at a reunion and reminisce about the good old days. So, sit back, relax and let the Vidushaks take you through The Great Trojan Dream.

"The Great Trojan Dream" by Vidushak
AIS Diwali Show 2010
24th October, 2010
8:30 pm
Bovard Auditorium

PS: The event starts at 7:00 pm
PPS: Video coming soon :)

jai ho

Diwali Show 2009: Piya Basanti

What happens when Sholay meets Mahabhaarat! Presenting "Piya Basanti" : Vidushak Skit for the annual AIS Diwali Show in 2009, performed in Bovard Auditorium on October 25, 2009.

Vidushaks @ Fracas! VI

Vidushaks performing at the annual improv fest in University of Southern California on 9th April, 2009.

Vidushaks @ The AIS Spring Mixer

After our Valentine's day special and Bollywood special, we performed at the Spring Mixer arranged by the Association of Indian Students (AIS) at USC. Here's the playlist from the show:

The fun's not over yet. Please join us for Fracas! VI, the annual improv festival hosted by Second Nature at USC.

When? Thursday, April 9, 2009

Precisely when? 6:00pm - 6:35pm

Where on earth? Seeley G. Mudd, SGM-123

Koi shaq?

Vidushaks @ Improvathon

It's time for some fusion! Vidushak will be performing with Second Nature at Improvathon, a fund-raising event featuring 24-hours of non-stop improv comedy.

An American show with Desi tadka or a Desi show with American seasoning??

To find out, join us today (Friday, March 6th) at 5pm at VKC courtyard!

Koi shaq?

First Show of Spring '09

Naya saal, Naya mausam, Halki si baarish aur Valentine's Day. It can't get better than this. Get set for the recommencement of laughter mania. The Vidushaks are back this Spring with their Valentine special first show of the semester.

Day & Date: Friday, Feb. 13, 2008
Time: 5:00pm - 6:00pm
Location: VKC Courtyard (Facing Doheny Library)

Get ready to laugh, and we'll get you ready to impress!

Koi shaq?

Fall 2008 - Last Show

The time has come for the grand finale! Get ready for an ultimate round of side-splitters and the knee-slappers at our last show of the semester. Join the Vidushaks at VKC courtyard (facing Doheny Library) 5pm today evening.
(Please note that, owing to early sunset these days, we have moved to VKC courtyard for this one show. We'll be back at our usual location in Spring.)

Day & Date: Friday, November 21, 2008 (Today!)
Time: 5:00pm - 6:00pm
Location: VKC Courtyard (Facing Doheny Library)

Koi shaq?

Video: Prakriti Ki Pukaar - When Nature Calls...

Seems like the call of nature was answered well! Thanks all for the support and encouragement. We are delighted to have received such an overwhelmingly splendid audience response.

Here's the video of the full skit. Enjoy!

And there's more to come. Stay tuned for the grand finale - the last show of the semester (date to be announced soon.)

Koi shaq?

Prakriti Ki Pukaar - When Nature Calls...

Two desi USC alumni head back to India to chase their dream - a green dream destined to change the face of the world! But, behind the scenes lurks something sinister....
Who is the evil mastermind?
What perils lie ahead for our protagonists?
Who saves the day and answers nature's call?
For answers and for full-blast entertainment, come watch "Prakriti Ki Pukaar - When Nature Calls..."
Event: AIS Diwali Show
Time: Tonight, 7:30pm
Venue: Bovard Auditorium

Fall 2008 Kick-Off Show


We are back with our fortnightly shows offering truckloads of entertainment! Fall's been great so far with two fun shows. Lots of laughter, lots of energy. Here's the video of our kick-off show on Sept. 19th. Enjoy!!

And be there for our next show - Oct. 24th, Friday,
5pm - between Leavey and VKC!

Koi Shaq?

Video: Vidushaks at Fracas V

Fracas was great -- and our show was well received too :). Thanks to all those who showed up to support us!

Here is a clip of us playing freeze tag.

Koi shaq?

'tis Fracas Time!!

Fracas is here, and we are the opening show on this saturday, at 6pm. Be there!

Koi shaq?

Mark your calendars...

Your girlfriend thinks your jokes stink? Want to show her there are jokes worse than yours??
Unable to end it with your no-sense-of-humor guy?? Need to show him what funny really is?

Don't worry. The Vidushaks are back!
In our first performance of the Rat year, we will make that girlfriend laugh and make that boy friend run away.
Yes, we cater to all your needs (solicited only)!!

The rescue operations begin at 4pm on 9th Feb 2008 (Saturday)
Where?? Founders Park. Between THH and Bovard Auditorium

[facebook event page]

For this Valentine's Day, we can't promise you the Moon but we can guarantee you a good laugh!!

This first show of 2008 will never come again... come and see why not!!

Be there or be [insert word here]

TBD: Our skit from AIS Diwali Show

We did the following skit for the USC AIS DIWALI show on November 10, 2007@ the Bovard Auditorium at USC.

Here goes:

कोई शक?

Vidushak's first show of Fall 2007!

Hi folks,

This is an invitation from your friendly neighborhood Vidushak improv comedy group to all theater enthusiasts to come watch improv comedy at the Comedy Night at Ground Zero Wednesday, August 29, 2007 at 7:30pm.

This is a free event. Events details are available on Facebook: http://usc.facebook.com/event.php?eid=5476207031

Once again...
What: Vidushaks@the comedy night at ground zero
Where: Ground Zero [ask us if you don't know where it is]
When: This Wednesday [Aug 29]

The event starts at 7:30pm, and we go on at 8pm!

कोई शक?

Video: Vidushak @ Fracas 2007

Here it is! Our performance from Fracas 2007. Thanks to the wonderful audience - your support means a lot to us!

- कोई शक?

Fracas .. today!

Hey all,
tonight... 7pm... ground zero.. the vidushaks are performing at ground zero for Fracas.

Go here for the full schedule.

please come.. we will miss you otherwise :P.

कोई शक ?